Studying abroad

Studying abroad

Many students dream about studying abroad. The chance to get to know a foreign culture, foreign customs, learn or improve a new language and to make friends around the world inspires young people to pursue this dream. The possibilities of studying abroad include a summer program, a semester exchange, a year long exchange or pursuing a full degree. Students can go on exchange during their Bachelor, Master or even Phd studies. Popular course to take include business, computers and engineering. Most universities offer degrees in subjects related to Business, thus it’s very easy for business or management students to go on exchange and get the credits for the taken courses transferred to their home university.
Studying overseas is possible in almost every country, even countries like North Korea. The most popular countries for outgoing students are the U.S., UK, Australia and South Africa. European students also take advantage of the Erasmus program and study in other European countries. Erasmus students receive a special scholarship. The goal of this program is to increase cultural diversity and understanding among European citizens.

The costs for studying abroad vary depending on how long the student is going to stay, if there’s a partner agreement between the exchange university and home university, cost of living and travel costs. Many universities and organizations offer scholarships, thus it’s recommended to check for one before applying for an exchange semester. Especially U.S. Universities have many co-operations and welcome a huge number of foreign students every year.

Study in the US

Some of the world’s best and prestigious universities are located in the U.S., like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton or Berkeley. The education system is famous in many countries, thus a high number of students decide to spend their exchange in the U.S. Even though studying is much more expensive than in European countries, the chance of experiencing the American way of life is worth it to most students.

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